September the 1st 1986 was the first time when my eyes saw the light. While I was growing up in Aleppo, I used to watch my father’s paintings, see him drawing and mixing colors, walking around Aleppo, the oldest city in the world, living the dreams of ancient, historical and also, admiring modern artworks, which belong to different art schools and made by great artists such as Mwakkett, Luay Kayali, Saad Yagan, Fatih Al Mudarris and others Syrian and international artists.

As soon as I graduated from Aleppo university and have majored in economics, I moved to Dubai and was able to join Gallery-1, which is one of the leading art galleries in the gulf region and headquartered in London.

Experiencing gallery’s atmosphere has enriched my art knowledge and aided my memory with inspiration. After owning a Kodak, my first camera, I’ve spared no effort and started to photograph almost everything around and tried different techniques.

Working as a gallery manager has empowered me to get in touch with many artists and to learn a lot form them, as well to discuss, share ideas and think about by wondering UAE’s roads and capturing street photography moments.

My art and photography’s sense have been voyaged between different styles and categories. Namely, architecture and buildings’ details, landscape and nature. These topics are very fascinating. Likewise, people’s portraits and lives are my favorite topics.

Now, I work as an art consultant and I’m a freelance photographer based in Dubai – in United Arab Emirate.

My first, and biggest inspiring person, my father, Naji Kabbani (LA, United States of America)